Why Your Business Deserves Customized Boxes to Stand Apart

Why Your Business Deserves Customized Boxes to Stand Apart

Have you ever seen a bright, colourful box on your neighbour’s porch and thought about what was inside or ordered a purse online and got excited because of the beautiful packaging it was in? This is the reason why packaging is important and what your business needs to break through in a competitive market full of homogeneous products.

We are in 2021, surrounded by a plethora of products in every category. Whether it is shoes or perfumes, mobile phones, or makeup products, customers are spoilt for choice. So, what can you, as an entrepreneur and business owner, do to differentiate your product from all the others available in the market?

Corporate giants like Apple and McDonald’s are recognized for their distinctive logos. They market their products through catchy and innovative advertisements before every launch but not all businesses can afford to spend a big part of their budget on such marketing techniques. However, one thing every small to medium business can adopt is the idea of Custom Boxes with Logo.

72% of Americans agree that the design of a product’s packaging can have an impact on their purchasing choices while 67% admit that the materials used in the packaging of a product are important as well. This tells us that in order for a business to distinguish itself and capture a certain market share product boxesplay a bigger role than we realize.

Your business deserves to succeed and customized boxes provide your products with a chance to shine in the following ways:

Remember the Logo

Customers remember the logos of brands they like and the idea of looking at the logo and recognizing what brand it indicates makes the consumer feel a certain connection. The older the business gets, the greater the impact the logo has on the minds of the masses.

Whether it be Nike’s swoosh or Amazon’s smile, logos make a huge impression on potential customers. Receiving a package with our favourite brand’s logo on it makes the shopping experience more exciting.

Do we not judge a brand by how premium its logo is? The logo also has the additional benefit of portraying what your brand is all about or from which country it belongs to making your brand more special for the customers.

First Impressions

In the midst of the pandemic, online shopping was the way to go with businesses seeing record-breaking sales. This shows how big the consumer market is.

In a market where similar products are available, receiving their products in beautiful custom boxes with logo can make a good impression on the customers, making the experience worthwhile which may result in the business finding a loyal customer.

Marketing Without Effort

When you a buy product in a mall and roam around the mall while holding the custom boxes with logo, the business gets free marketing as packages that have pops of color or something different catches the eyes of the people making them pay attention to the brand.

The same goes for online shopping which changes many hands for you to receive it at your homes such as the people at the post office and the delivery person. This is very important especially if it is Custom Packaging for Small Businesses as this gives the business the exposure it needs without m
acing an extra effort.

A distinct product packaging may also make the customer link a certain memory or color to your product such as the “Tiffany blue” of the Tiffany & Co. packaging. This will not only promote brand loyalty but the brand logo will remain in the customer’s subconscious without the business expanding money on pricey advertisements.

Packaging According to Your Product Needs

Your generic product boxes are usually one size fits all with little attention paid to the individual needs of the brand. Customized boxes can come in many shapes and sizes and OBT Packaging has them all. From pastry boxes to popup display boxes, telescope boxes to pillow shapes ones, OBT packaging can cater to all your product needs while providing excellent quality packaging.

Such a high level of customization allows all sizes of businesses to get their personalized style of packaging and have the maximum impact on their customers. Choosing custom boxes tailored to your business demands also allows you to add a certain level of detail and protection for your products. As the boxes will be tailored to perfectly fit your product, it will reduce the chances of fragile products from breaking or cupcakes from getting smashed.

Additionally, your packaging can also be environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable which may be essential for those businesses that promote sustainability.

Personalized Touches

For an emerging brand, custom boxes with logoare an easy marketing tactic but they may also allow you to put personalized messages on the packaging. If you are a clothing brand promoting size inclusivity, your packaging can have beautiful messages on it to boost the confidence of the customer.

Endorsing your brand’s theme and aims through your packaging will allow you to spread your message to the masses. This will make the customer feel a certain level of connection with the brand, especially if they agree with your views, promoting brand loyalty.

As a business, you can also add custom cards and envelope with a message from the owner making the customer feel special. If the product requires extra care or instructions, putting that on a custom card is a good way to remind them to take proper care of their purchases.


In this era of social media, product unboxings are very common on YouTube and Instagram, garnering a lot of attention from the audience. With more than 90,000 people searching for unboxing videos on YouTube monthly, this is a marketing technique your business can take advantage of. With businesses sending PR packages to content creators and influencers, such unboxing can allow you to capture the attention of the audience if your packages have that extra oomph.

If your products have premium packaging they can also be given as gifts. One such occasion can be Christmas. As Christmas shopping comes with a lot of stress, custom boxes with logocan remove the added pressure of wrapping your gifts if the product packaging makes it look like a beautiful present.


There is a difference in the cost of buying a generic or custom box however, OBT Packaging provides competitive prices without breaking your bank. Spending the extra money allows you to have an edge on other brands but it also saves you money on shipping as the packaging will be according to your product needs with no need to compromise. They also save money from the other details that you might have added to the generic boxes to make them feel a little more personalized.

The benefits of your business having custom boxes with logo are too many, some you might not even realize because customization adds that human connection needed to retain customers. Whether your business is big or small, spending money on personalized Mailer Boxes can give your business a unique identity.