CBD Boxes

CBD Boxes

Made of the finest cardboard the custom CBD boxes we design are ornate and durable. They keep the products safe for a long time. The designs are engaging and innovative that grabs the buyer’s attention immediately.

The first thing that a customer looks for, before buying a product is its appearance and feel. We at OBT Packaging master at the art of designing custom CBD boxes in a way that it looks like a premium product package.

These boxes are custom printed with the information about the product, company’s name, contact, combined with visual branding elements like the logo, taglines/jingles, brand’s colour that creates its identity and patterns etc. OBT Packaging designs the most alluring CBD boxes personalised to your taste that compel customers to invest in your product and help your business boost and bloom in the market.

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OBT Packaging ensures that your design, printing, and packaging needs are met to perfection and there’s no loophole left in any process.

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Dimensions All sort of personalized shapes and sizes
Printing PMS, No Printing, CMYK
Paper Stock 10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb) (250 GSM to 650 GSM) Flute stock, Kraft and Corrugated
Quantities 100 - 600,000
Coating Semi Gloss AQ, Spot Gloss, and Matte UV, Gloss UV and Matte UV
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforating and Scoring
Options Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink
Proof 3D Mock-up, Digital PDF
Turn Around Time 8-12
working days
Shipping Assembled and Flat Shipping
Inquiries Toll-free line (844) 464-0748 or email at sales@obtpackaging.com

Custom CBD Boxes Can Help Your Business to Ideal Growth

CBD products have lots of benefits. It does not harm the body. That is why they are more popular among people than any other product. Producers in tobacco, personal care and medical industries have sensed the growing use of these products. They are working on these products for high sales in the market. CBD producers package them in attractive Custom CBD Boxes to grab customers attention. These CBD products are fragile in nature. Hence, require special care.

Why Use Custom CBD Boxes?

These are the finest boxes to keep the CBD products safely. They are made up of Kraft, cardboard or corrugated material. So, they can keep fragile and weak items with special care to protect their natural ingredients. The inside product remains high quality without losing its taste, thus, producers prefer them to wrap their CBD products. Wholesale CBD boxes are designed according to the product description. Clients can design them according to their tastes and wishes.

What Things Should You Think Before Selecting Custom CBD Boxes?

Manufacturers must focus on showcasing their CBD products with an attractive and expensive look and feel. Clients are attracted to those CBD products which are spick and span. So, they need to be really careful in the selection of their packaging.

Choose Packaging Option That Matches with Civil Regulations

CBD products are in high demand, but still producers have to focus on their matching with federal regulations and requirements. CBD boxes must fulfil labelling requirements in terms of potency, tests, cannabis edible act, C-R packaging regulations and QR codes. Customers are attracted to those CBD brands that are clear about their product. Because they judge your credibility based on complete information. This complete information of label and content creates trust in your product. So, producers need to select such printing and packaging solutions which know about all these rules and demand. OBT Packaging makes custom CBD boxes exactly according to the laws established in 1938. They also make and print boxes according to the ISO standardisation and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Use of Unique and Creative Designs Can Make Your Product Prominent

Stylish packaging and creative graphics are the keys to define your product on the retail shelf. Indeed, unique and creative designs attract more customers. They judge your product’s class by charming packaging. However, manufacturers should customize their CBD boxes with the latest trends and designs.

Always Use Special Expressions to Decorate Custom CBD Boxes

Furthermore, you can decorate your custom CBD boxes by using special expressions to style your packaging. These expressions give your CBD boxes an elegant look. You can add gold or silver foiling to make them worthy. Additionally, you can add wow factor by embossing / debossing in your logo or content information. CBD products are fragile and weak so they need protection. Besides, you can add luxury finishing solutions to save your CBD boxes. Different coatings and laminate films give strength and safety to custom CBD boxes. These coatings are Semi-Gloss AQ, Spot Gloss, and Matte UV, Gloss UV and Matte UV. Moreover, you can also print unique and creative graphics. These graphics will modify and prominent your product. The PMS color model is the best color gradient. It gives accurate and precise color shades to print CBD boxes. OBT Packaging gives you the best and high-grade color model. Hence, this model can charm clients and compel them to buy your product on the retail shelf.

Always Consider Cheap Packaging Solution Along with Quality

It is necessary to decorate and print your CBD boxes with elegant designs and packaging styles. But you need to be careful about the packaging cost of printed CBD boxes. Always choose a wholesale option. Consider such packaging solutions which are cost-effective and give the best quality in their packaging at the same time. Therefore, these days most packaging companies are focusing on high grade materials that are lower in prices. Likewise, OBT Packaging ships these CBD boxes wholesale at affordable prices. CBD boxes with logos using Kraft material are famous for their cost-effectiveness. Besides, cardboard and cardstock materials are also stiff and lightweight. These cardboard boxes make them suitable for shipping. OBT Packaging is one of the leading packaging companies that does not compromise on quality. At the same time, we provide premium quality custom CBD boxes. These boxes range from decorated E-Cigarette Boxes to luxury cartridge boxes in affordable fair packages.

Use of Effective and Eco-friendly Packaging Material to Increase Value of Your Product

These days customers are socially responsible as well as more health conscious. They prefer buying from socially responsible companies. Always choose high class material for CBD packaging. Climate changes and transport problems can spoil their ingredients. That is why use such material which is bio degradable and environment friendly. Clients who use cannabidiol products are more conscious of their packaging. On the whole, OBT Packaging gives you high class custom CBD boxes. These boxes are 100 % environment friendly and can be recycled. They are biodegradable and, does not make any pollution in the environment. As a result, this factor produces zero landfills in the environment.

Strength of the Packaging Material Helps to Safe Your Product

Besides, producers of CBD products should choose hard boxes to keep their products. You can choose Kraft material, cardboard or corrugated material for their packaging. You can select the strength of these boxes depending on the nature of the CBD product. Thus, rigid boxes are used to keep more sensitive products. Last of all, these boxes ship these products safe and soundly to the end users.

What Types of Custom CBD Boxes We Offer?

CBD Display Boxes
These are the custom boxes that have cut-out windows in them. These windows are sometimes covered with PVC films. The cut-out windows allow clients to look inside the packaging. Seeing inside these boxes builds customer’s trust in your brand. Customers find those products more reliable to which they can touch, see or feel. Because they judge the quality of the products from their display. OBT Packaging also offers you many attractive and unique display boxes like CBD blunt boxes. These boxes have curved surfaces from the edges. Moreover, you can print logos and taglines on them. Furthermore, you can add appealing graphics and colors to eminent your packaging. We deliver all of our custom boxes in a turnaround time of 8 to 12 business days.

Custom CBD Tincture Boxes
Medical industry uses a strong percentage of alcohol and hemp to produce CBD tincture. Pharmacies use it as a painkiller to deal with anxiety and depression. It is a very delicate product. So, it requires packaging solutions such as custom CBD tincture boxes. Packaging solution companies design the boxes with corrugated material to keep them safe. Moreover, CBD tincture comes in different sizes of bottles, wherefore their boxes come in small, medium or large size packaging. OBT Packaging allows you to choose the height and size of your tincture boxes according to your desire. On top of that, you can select a color scheme that fits your brand and logo.

Vape Cartridge Boxes / E-liquid Boxes
E-cigarette kits also have separate E-liquid bottles in them. E-liquid is a solution of glycerol, nicotine, additives of vitamin E, and propylene glycol. It comes up with different flavours as well. These flavours can be tobacco, menthol, chocolate, candy, sweets, or fruity. Customers can refill their vape cartridge tanks through extra bottles contained in the kit. These are tubular containers made of glass jars or acrylic material. Vape Cartridge Boxes / E-liquid boxes are cardboard boxes. They are specially designed to keep E-liquid bottles safely in them. Some of them have cut windows to make them desirable to the consumers.

E-Cigarette Boxes
E-cigarette boxes have e-cigarette kits in them. These are the corrugated boxes that keep inside them battery-powered cigarettes. These rigid boxes protect the cartridges from leakage. We create such E-cigarette packaging which protects them from moisture.

CBD Oil Boxes
This packaging is personalised to create stiff and stylish custom boxes. They are designed to keep fragile and delicate oil containing glass jars in them. CBD oil is an organic oil available in many flavours. These flavours are citrus, mint, raspberry, vanilla, and lemon. You can also choose its strength. Their strength is starting from 300 mg to 2400 mg. CBD oil comes in modified and eco-friendly CBD boxes. Moreover, these packages are widely available at OBT Packaging. We make hemp oil boxes according to the needs of our customers. Our packaging solution is also eco-friendly and cheap.

Cannabis and Concentrates Packaging
Cannabis concentrate or Marijuana concentrate is a fragile product. It is highly burnable. High temperatures and extreme light conditions can spoil this product. This is the reason it needs strong packaging to save it. OBT Packaging designs custom CBD boxes according to the instructions of the federal law. This packaging creates hard and beautiful custom boxes at the same time.

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We do realize that press samples are essential to demonstrate our design craft and packaging capabilities. If you have a specific packaging requirement, you can let us know and request a free sample of any of our past orders.

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