E-Cigarette Boxes

E-Cigarette Boxes

E-cigarettes are battery-powered cigarettes that involve heating a liquid into an aerosol that the user inhales. They are the new way of smoking, containing nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, flavourings, and other chemicals. The leading brands need good packaging to stand out among their competitors. OBT Packaging has a good range of e-cigarette boxes. Our cardboard custom E-cigarettes are popular in the market. They are appealing to the customers but simple in shape. Our E-cigarette boxes make sure contents stay safe from moisture to maintain the quality. We offer customized packages to boost your brand’s identity, keeping it low on your budget.

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Dimensions All sort of personalized shapes and sizes
Printing PMS, No Printing, CMYK
Paper Stock 10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb) (250 GSM to 650 GSM) Flute stock, Kraft and Corrugated
Quantities 100 - 600,000
Coating Semi Gloss AQ, Spot Gloss, and Matte UV, Gloss UV and Matte UV
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforating and Scoring
Options Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink
Proof 3D Mock-up, Digital PDF
Turn Around Time 8-12
working days
Shipping Assembled and Flat Shipping
Inquiries Toll-free line (844) 464-0748 or email at sales@obtpackaging.com

Safe Custom E-cigarette Boxes are the Choice for Future

The future packaging of Custom E-Cigarette Boxes depends on the safety standards of the vape business. Due to the pressure of the Public health sector and its partners, the vape business has adopted many safety standards. These safety standards match the FDA rules and laws. Also, they are secure enough to save the climate and vapers' health.

Preventions to Deal with Environmental Risk for Custom E-Cigarette Boxes

E-Cigarette wastes increase the garbage widely, making it dangerous for the waterways and wildlife. Thus, choosing a wise packaging solution for E-Cigarette Packaging is the utmost need of the vape business.

In addition to that, the fumes from cartridges in Cartridge Boxes are less toxic than traditional cigarettes. But they still have harmful drugs that can affect the air quality of the climate.

For this reason, E-Cigarette Vape Packaging should be eco-friendly and easy to decay. Also, the vape business is directing E-Cigarette waste dumping to the vapers so as not to disturb nature.

Preventions to Deal with Health Risks for Custom E-Cigarette Boxes

Besides, the vape business is making high quality Custom E-Cigarette boxes to lessen their negative impact on vapers' health. In addition, the vape business sells safe flavoured Electronic Cigarettes in response to the ban on flavoured E-Cigarette Vape Boxes. These safe flavoured E-Cigarette Packaging Boxes are not harmful to health because they hold vegetable glycerine and propionyl glycerine.

The vape business is making disposable vapes to make safe E-Cigarettes. It has different traits to set the strengths of nicotine, airflow settings, power output and coil types. All these traits help set the vapour volume according to the desire for the vaper.

Vape makers pledge to make organic nicotine in the lab. This synthetic nicotine is not taken from tobacco leaves. That is why it is considered tobacco-free nicotine. These nicotine pockets are used in portable vapes.

Significance of E-Cigarette Packaging

Packaging of custom boxes is the first building block that shifts any brand to the vista of success. Alluring designs and customize packaging boost the goodness of Custom Printed E-Cigarette Packaging. Yet, CBD products are weak as they may hold subtle contents. That is why CBD Boxes must be packaged in wise and safe packaging.

Likewise, vape juice in the cartridges is subtle and holds toxic drugs. If they are not handled properly, they can spoil their inner content. Also, they can pollute the air quality with their toxicity.

That is why sturdy packaging is vital to protect its offering inside the box. In addition, corrugated boxes must be transparent about their content information and sourcing. Clients check the quality of E-Cigarettes from the content and label of their package.

Packaging That Matches FDA Laws and Needs

It is crucial to choose a wise packaging company that knows the value of FDA compliance packaging. Custom E-Cigarette boxes must satisfy content needs regarding strength, testing claims, childproof packaging guidelines.

As well, the packaging must carry Nutritional information in bold words. In addition, the correct dose statement should be at least of font size 10. This size should be twice bigger than that of a nutritional statement. Packaging must have manuals of proper dumping.

Packaging for custom E-Cigarette boxes should be child-safe. In this regard, it should be hard enough to understand by a toddler. But it should be easy enough for real vape users.

In addition, to make it further childproof, cartridge packaging must not have a visual description for opening them. Also, the colour scheme must not attract a toddler.

OBT Packaging ensures FDA compliant packaging in their custom E-Cigarette boxes. In addition, we provide tried and tested childproof packaging. We give special attention to increasing the size of Custom E-Cigarette boxes. Also, we insert extra paddings that save the cartridges from breakage and save it from getting wet.

Green Packaging

Clients are well aware of the green impact of packaging on the climate. Therefore, they prefer to buy from distinct brands in decaying their packages. OBT Packaging uses the quality material of Kraft paper to make green and versatile packages. In addition, these packages can be recycled and can be used as storage boxes.

Stylish Design Components

The packaging of E-Cigarettes is different from Cigarette Packaging Boxes. Regular cigarettes have more or less the same packaging style, but E-Cigarettes come in many shapes sizes.

These styles include packaging for single use disposables, multi-use rechargeable vaping devices and E-Cigarette refill kits. So, the packaging for these styles is done accordingly.

For Example, disposable vapes are packed in die cut window blister packaging. The display trait gives the product experience. Strong Cartridge Boxes are used for packaging frail glass E-Liquid bottles to save them from leakage or breakage. They can be sleeve style or simple cardboard cigarette boxes for vapes.

Moreover, the top-notch design and unique guises make it more beautiful to stand out on the retail shelf. These unique looks like foiling, stamping, coating, embossing / debossing make them alluring. Besides, they also serve as invitation boxes to attract buyers.

OBT Packaging gives its clients Free design support and a secure payment process. In addition, we provide 24/7 customer service to solve and answer your queries.

Freshness Assurance Through Rigid Boxes

Clients are well aware of the green impact of packaging on the climate. Therefore, they prefer to buy from distinct brands in decaying their packages. OBT Packaging uses the quality material of Kraft paper to make green and versatile packages. In addition, these packages can be recycled and can be used as storage boxes.

Unique Colour Scheme and Graphics in Custom Printed E-Cigarette Boxes

Avoid using bright colours while packaging as it attracts the toddlers. Instead, you can use a unique and refined colour scheme with catchy images to make them spick and span. Moreover, chic printing expressions with a precise PMS colour model can add goodness to your package. PMS colour coding gives you the correct shade while adding graphics to your packages.

Wholesale E-Cigarette Boxes

Like packaging of Cigarette Boxes Wholesale, packaging of Vape E-Cigarette Wholesale needs to be cheaper. The wholesale option is best for packaging custom boxes. Besides, it gives a discount deal in packaging that makes it the ideal choice to save your money.

Also, you can control your costs by choosing the best stuff for carriage. Using lightweight stuff will cost you less in transport. Kraft material is stiff, high grade, light and cheaper. This stuff is best for flat shipping.

By reducing your freight cost, you can control your retail price. When you have a lower retail price, you can attract a large customer base. A large customer base will ultimately grab your profit margins from the market.

OBT Packaging provides free shipping to our buyers in the USA and Canada. Besides, our packaging fixes are cheap, which helps you save your money.

A Silly Pun on Packaging to add the Fun Element

Nowadays, vape makers are printing idle pun like stoned and munchies after the medical proofs. They do as such because they know the weed judgement in the common public. So, they need to break the stereotypes by discrediting them with their clinical proof. Thus, they make such packaging which makes fun and entertainment to give it a lighter mode.

Brand Recognition

To get the best result from any business, solid branding is vital. So, to get this, brands work on their item's quality, its advertising, low price, corporate social duty packaging. Besides, stylish and green packaging adds value to your packages.

These vital elements help in fulfilling a positive brand picture among the mass. Besides, your cheerful and solid brand picture drives you to trust the general public. Hence, your strong brand picture affects the client's buying conduct. Thence, you will get a crucial market share from the retail rack.

Best Proof to Foresee Your Packaging

OBT Packaging provides you with the best prototyping technique to foresee your packages even before they are made. You can have true samples for your original boxes with the correct prototyping. 3D digital Proof is crucial to save money and make your packages perfect. We offer you fast and free digital proof to save your time.

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We do realize that press samples are essential to demonstrate our design craft and packaging capabilities. If you have a specific packaging requirement, you can let us know and request a free sample of any of our past orders.

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