Everything you Need to Know about Vape Boxes

Everything you Need to Know about Vape Boxes

In today’s era, vaping has become a trending alternative to smoking. Vape is an innovative and modified form of cigarettes. It has gained tremendous popularity among people of all age groups. These electronic devices are operated with the help of batteries and are known to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

With the rising popularity of vape, many companies and brands have launched vapes in different flavourings. Apart from the flavours, the vape brands are also experimenting with the packaging of their products. And here is when the need for Vape Boxes emerges.

Why Do You Need Vape Boxes for your Products?

Vape products come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you will be required to have packaging of different styles, sizes, and shapes to cater to every product’s need. Furthermore, since every brand strives to provide its customers with the best quality products, vape boxes also help ensure the safety of the products. In addition to that, vape boxes also help enhance the brand image to grab the target audience’s attention.

Read on to know in detail about some great benefits that vape boxes can provide to your business.

Benefits of Using Vape Boxes

Protection of the Products

Possibly the most crucial role of packaging is the protection of the products. It requires a great deal of money to make vapes and e-cigarettes. Therefore, it should be ensured that they reach the customers unharmed so that no money goes to waste. For this purpose, nothing works better than vape boxes.

Vape boxes and CBD boxesare made while keeping in mind the shape and size of the product. Hence, it fits the product perfectly, and no extra vacant space is left in the box. This way, the product stays in its place, and the chances of it getting harmed during the shipping process are significantly reduced.

Market the Product

Marketing is one of the most significant steps of forming a good brand image. Although there is a wide range of marketing tactics available, the packaging is known to be one of the most effective ones.

Since packaging is the first thing the customers lay their eyes on, it is essential that the packaging is appealing enough to grab their attention. Moreover, packaging also gives the brands room to display their creativity and style. The same goes for vape boxes.

With the help of vape boxes, brands can print the designs and artwork of their choice. In this way, the products would stand out on the shelves and help the brands get more loyal customers in the long run.

Promotion of the Brand

The competition in the industry is highly intense these days. Therefore, it has become crucial for brands to promote themselves more innovatively than their competitors.

Hence, when it comes to the vape industry, vape boxes play a significant role. Vape boxes have become a novel approach as they help the brands elevate their sales and gather maximum customers.

In addition to that, the cardboard construction of vape boxes also enables the brand to customize them. This further helps the brands to utilize offset and digital printing to make their packaging more attractive.


Businesses and brands are always in search of cost-effective solutions for their products. If you are also one of those brands, then you should never miss out on vape boxes.

Vape boxesare made of cardboard; therefore, you can get them at a very affordable price. In addition to that, vape boxes are also nature-friendly as they can be recycled very easily. Being recycle, brands can also use them multiple times to package their products and save a great deal of money.

Furthermore, being made with cardboard, vape boxes are incredibly lightweight. This means that the shipping fee will be minimized, enabling the brand to make some more savings.


Vape boxes are an efficient way of grabbing customers as they are environment-friendly. You must be familiar with the fact that a lot of customers have switched from cigarettes to vape and e-cigarettes as they tend to have less impact on the environment.  Since the customers expect vape to be eco-friendly, they would also appreciate it if the vape packaging is also eco-friendly.

Therefore, the vape and e-cigarettes boxes need to be made up of eco-friendly materials. If the vape and E-Cigarettes Boxes are eco-friendly, they will immediately catch customer’s attention and build a good brand image.

Efficient Advertising Tool

Packaging plays an integral role in a brand’s advertising and promotion. Vape boxes, customized with your brand’s distinct color and logo, can effectively convey your brand’s message and advertise your products.

Moreover, customized vape boxes also add a touch of creativity and elegance to the products that, are loved by every customer. It is highly advisable to go with a distinct color palette for the packaging. This way, the customers will be able to recognize your brand, the moment they lay their eyes on the color of the packaging. OBT Packaging deals with every kind of customized product box. With high-quality packaging materials and innovative packaging techniques, you would get nothing but top-notch packaging for your products.

Temperature Controlling Feature

Vape boxes are also known to possess temperature control features. This feature can also be found, in CBD boxes as they have to protect the vape juice from external dangers, including temperature.

Apart from the temperature, this feature also enables the vape boxes to protect the product from moisture, heat, and sun rays. However, to make the vape boxes protect the product from the environment, they must be made out of durable and renewable materials.

Types of Vape Boxes

Now that you have learned about vape boxes’ various benefits in detail, let’s move forward to its different types.

Custom Vape Mod Boxes

Custom vape mod boxes are ideal for brands that deal with modern cigarettes with a tube style. These packaging boxes come with a sleek and flawless design and work proficiently to grab hold of the customers’ attention.

In addition to this, these types of vape boxes also add a touch of style to your products. This further reflects the elegant style of your brand.

Disposable Vape Boxes

Custom disposable boxes are known to be one of most brands’ favourite types of vape boxes. As the name suggests, these vape boxes can be disposed off easily; hence, they pose no threat to the environment.

Moreover, these vape boxes can also be customized with trendy color themes, which will enhance the overall appearance of your products.

Printed Pop Vape Boxes

Printed pop vape boxes are another famed type of vape boxes. These packaging boxes can be customized with vibrant and saturated color themes. This way, the brand can experiment with captivating color palettes and display its creativity.

Moreover, brands can also incorporate their logo, which will help the customers remember the brand whenever they search for a good-quality vape brand.

Platinum Vape Boxes

Platinum vape boxes are your go-to option if you wish to add a classy touch to your vape boxes. Platinum vape boxes offer some of the most extraordinary packaging designs that can take the sales of your brand up a notch in no time.