Innovative Ideas to Recycle Bakery Packaging

Innovative Ideas to Recycle Bakery Packaging

Have you ever wondered how much the environment suffers due to humans not dumping their waste properly? It is in our better interest to take care of environmental safety to minimize the risk of environmental degradation. Next time you think of throwing your trash away, keep in mind its after-effects will impact you in the long run.

Moreover, after-effects could be infant mortality, health-related issues, etc. Hence, we have a few innovative techniques to assist you in recycling.

Why Does the Packaging Need to Be Recycled?

As discussed earlier, environmental degradation has haunting effects on our lives which we can’t even imagine. Moreover, recycling helps to restore waste into useful elements and puts less pressure on the environment.

Other than the environmental benefits recycling Bakery Boxes can help to build a positive brand image amongst customers. In this changing world environmental issues are getting more limelight than anything else, hence, it will be beneficial to bring in new customers too.

In addition, recycling packaging would be helpful to reduce the cost and maximize the profits as the bakery wouldn’t have to incur extra expenses to make new boxes.

Moreover, here are some innovative ideas to recycle bakery packaging.

Reusable Delivery Boxes

Simply recycling the cake boxesin such a way that can help more than one party. For instance, bringing reusable delivery boxes into practice. It can be achieved by partnering with customers and other bakeries for example, instead of throwing the boxes away customers can drop them off at a designated stop.

From the drop-off location, bakeries can pick up and wash and can bring them into use again, for anything not necessarily cakes.

Incentive Recycling

Sometimes it becomes hard to convince customers to drop off the boxes back at the bakery as they might not be interested in doing so. To solve this issue, you can offer incentives such as price discounts on returning empty boxes on their next visit.

You can drive their minds to change their behaviour through incentivizing, offer deals like buy one get one free for an exchange of empty bakery boxesThis will also help to boost sales other than just recycling it.

Beneficial Recycling

Providing storage containers instead of cake boxesfor ease of the customers and the bakery, containers can be picked up by going door to door after usage. This will make the cake look fresher unlike in cardboard boxes in which it can get stale. Moreover, customers can also reuse it on their next visit.

All in all, it will be beneficial for the bakery to save money instead of spending high amounts on disposable packaging. Other than that, beautiful packaging looks more appealing to the eyes, thus it will attract more customers too.

Artistic Designs for Decoration

Rather than throwing the bakery boxes away, you can decorate them in your house, sounds wonderful right? It can be done in such a way that the bakery can get beautiful artistic designs printed on them which later can be utilized by households.

It will have two benefits, first of all, the packaging would appeal to the customers to buy which will impact overall sales. Secondly, art-loving people would not throw empty boxes and they would rather decorate them to promote recycling.

Re-engineered Donut Packaging

The love for donuts is priceless, we all love donuts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an elderly person or a little kid. Hence, sometimes they come in big Donut Boxes which kind of becomes annoying to carry especially if you’re traveling. Hence, there is a creative solution to remove extra packaging and make it more convenient.

A creative way to pack donuts can be by shaping the packaging in the shape of a donut, which can be utilized later on by folding and making a flower. Unique packing looks appealing to most people if it is entirely paper instead of plastic. Make a flower out of the donut packaging and keep it in your car or your office to increase its charm.

Re-using Cake Packaging

Cardboards and other materials can be used to make new packaging for other products like donuts or other bakery items. Empty boxes have to be collected to reuse them, bakery boxes such as cake ones are large enough to be reused for a smaller product. Hence, it improves efficiency as more than 10 donut boxes can come out of each box of cake.

You can get cake packagingat affordable rates without any shipping charges for deliveries to the USA and Canada. OBT Packaging offers beautiful and durable cake boxes, they are available in different designs, color, and a window that allows you to check out your cake inside.

However, you can also order customized boxes according to your preferences, their presentable design gives them an extra charm. Most importantly, they are available at a reasonable price with additional features that no one else is offering.

Introduce Fabric Bags

Don’t provide your customers with plastic or polythene bags that they have no use of and will throw away. Introduce fabric bags with the bakery’s name printed on them which will also come in handy to do free promotion along with recycling.

The customers can bring the bag along with them on their next visit so you don’t have to provide a new one every time. It is a one-time expense, unlike plastic bags which you have to buy new ones every time. Other than that, fabric bags can also be used for a longer period, unlike plastic bags.

Sell Used Boxes

Used boxes can be converted into cardboard sheets which can be sold to retailers, they then make new packaging out of them. Other than that, you can make a tissue box out of a used cake box and can refill it every time it gets empty.

Paper plates and cups are also made up of cardboard, so next time you go on a picnic don’t forget to make yourself some homemade plates. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money which you can spend somewhere else. Moreover, bakery owners can start a side business of making paper plates with empty boxes of cake.

Use for Storage

Empty boxes of cake can be used to store things such as jewellery, books, and different household stuff. Moreover, they can also be used to pack gifts for different occasions such as weddings or birthdays, instead of spending money on expensive wraps.

Moreover, if you run a business they can come in handy to keep your invoices and receipts in one place which can reduce the risk of losing important documents. Other than this, empty boxes of cake can be used to organize collections of tickets too, for instance, if you are a person who is fond of collecting baseball tickets.

In addition, you can make a picture folder out of an empty cake box for collecting memorable pictures plus you can also store stamps and other small accessories such as hairpins or pendants.