Soap Boxes

Soap Boxes

Soap is a commonly used self-care product, but it’s something the users are sensitive to. Such products, especially those for women, need to be well presented. OBT Packaging has the best range of soap boxes. We design our soap boxes to make the product more appealing by using perfect color combinations, appropriate size, and UV rays protection. The boxes we use are strong and thick enough to prevent the soap from any chemical reaction, affecting the product’s quality. Although our soapboxes have a vast range of designs, you have an option to get them customized according to your brand’s character, keeping it light on the pocket!

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Dimensions All sort of personalized shapes and sizes
Printing PMS, No Printing, CMYK
Paper Stock 10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb) (250 GSM to 650 GSM) Flute stock, Kraft and Corrugated
Quantities 100 - 600,000
Coating Semi Gloss AQ, Spot Gloss, and Matte UV, Gloss UV and Matte UV
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforating and Scoring
Options Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink
Proof 3D Mock-up, Digital PDF
Turn Around Time 8-12
working days
Shipping Assembled and Flat Shipping
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Why is the Packaging of Custom Soap Boxes Important to Stand Out on the Retail Shelf?

Soap packaging is very important. Because it is the first building block for increasing sales. It is the first thing that shapes the customers buying preferences. It attracts them to choose you among various Custom Soap Boxes. That is why your soap packaging should be qualitative, attractive, and cost-efficient to get the market share in high sales.

Long-lasting Durability While Choosing Material for Custom Soap Boxes:

Every soap box starts with its quality paper material used in packaging. Therefore, it is very important for choosing the correct packaging solution. The packaging material should be long lasting and strong for your custom soap boxes. As soaps are a general commodity rather than just a luxury. That is why you must provide your soaps in safe and sound condition to the end-users. Soaps packaging must need to be strong and long-lasting. Also, it should protect the soaps from the effect of humidity, temperature rise, and shocks. It will reflect your product boxes high-grade quality and service to the customers. We shine among our competitors because each one of our boxes goes through a durability check. OBT Packaging cannot compromise the strength of its packages. Also, it provides you with a platform to choose thickness sizes from 250 GSM to 650 GSM. The more the thickness of paper stock, the stronger it is.

Things to Notice for Increasing Sales of Custom Soap Boxes:

Your packaging material must be eco-friendly and cost-effective enough to attract your customer base. These days customers are more aware of social responsibility. Therefore, they choose those brands which are more socially responsible. Keeping in view the corporate social responsibility, it will increase your sales in numbers. Also, it will reflect your positive image in society. OBT Packaging provides eco-friendly materials like Kraft material, whiteboard paper, and corrugated material to design your Custom Printed Soap Packaging. These durable materials keep your soaps safe from any harshness and decay. Corrugated material is a rough material. And we can recycle it. Packaging material for manufacturing custom soap boxes should be cost-effective enough not to affect your shipping cost. The shipping companies charge you according to their weight. So, soap makers should choose a lightweight packaging material. It can be shipped in flat form. Also, they should opt for a packaging solution that has low or reduced shipping costs. Increased shipping costs will affect your product cost. Which will ultimately raise the price of retail boxes. As customers prefer buying inexpensive options, high production costs will lower your sales. OBT Packaging provides you with the best packaging solution with free shipping cost.

Printing and Coating That Helps in Maintaining the Quality of Custom Soap Boxes:

Professionally, printed soap-boxes highlight the quality of the soap inside the packaging. Therefore, the white paper board material is preferable to soap makers for printing soap boxes. Because they can show the best premium printing finishes. Furthermore, the choice of standard color-coding like PMS will add value to the soap boxes. PMS is a high-quality color gradient. It is best in accuracy and precision to confirm the best shade in printing soap packaging boxes. OBT Packaging always uses the best color model to present alluring designs with consistent market value. Besides, the soap maker can use different layers of coating and laminates. These layers protect the soap boxes from damage. Coatings and laminates are applied to them to change the look and feel of custom soap boxes. However, this is done after the printing process. Semi-Gloss AQ, Spot Gloss, Matte UV, and Gloss UV are different coatings and lamination films. They help in the strength and protection of the boxes.

Which Proof is Best to for-see Your Custom Soap Box?

The proof is the prototyping which shows the 3-D image of your soap packaging even before the soap box is made. OBT Packaging provides the fast prototyping technique to determine your packaging design. Also, it is cost-effective and saves time. Its 3D printing enables it to lessen flaws and errors precisely and swiftly. With the help of this prototyping, realistic prototypes can be made instantly.

How Do Style Boxes for Soap Packaging with Logos?

Customers judge its brand's high-quality soap and credibility from the content and logo of product packaging. Therefore, you can decorate your soap boxes with logos, unique designs and graphics. This will make them desirable among the customers. OBT Packaging provides you with the most creative and attractive options for the logo to style your soap boxes. Spot UV, embossing / debossing, silver/ gold foiling are some extra options for logo printing that increase the beautiful look of your Custom Soap Packaging.

  • Embossing / Debossing:
  • Soap makers can make custom boxes with logos in debossed or embossed form. In embossed form brand name will be raised above the face print, and in debossed form, the brand name will be sunken below the face print of soap boxes.
  • Silver/ Gold Foiling:
  • Furthermore, you can give your soapboxes a luxurious look by foiling using gold or silver dyestuff. Other than these, you can also use shiny stains in different colors. Finally, you can decorate the logos, brand names, or borders on your soapboxes. It will give the clients a pleasing and precious effect while buying your product.
  • Spot UV:
  • Besides, the spot UV effect popped out the logo and brand name on your custom soap boxes. It provides a wonderful and attractive image of your product in clients' eyes.

    How Much Variation in Style is Necessary for Soap Packaging?

    Styling is essential in soap packaging. It adds value to your brand. Soap brands attract those customers who show variety and the latest trends in designing their custom soap boxes. Indeed, customers judge the quality of the packaging first instead of using it. Moreover, it's an ordinary customer's concept that if the product packaging is expensive, it will be good. But it is not the same in all cases. You can wisely choose trendy but straightforward designs in a cost-efficient packaging solution to attract and get your clients. Here's a sight of some packaging styles for custom soap boxes through which you can stand out your brand in the market.

    How to Customize the Packaging of Custom Soap Boxes with Exclusive Designs?

    Undoubtedly, to win the hearts of the consumers, it is necessary for your brand to retail your soap products in custom soap boxes. Which can be carried and placed in various situations. You can customize the soap boxes in different attractive shapes and designs. For example, for an elegant design of a custom soap box, use a perfect color pallet to guide your strategies. Your logo on these custom printed soap boxes should be readable and match the product. You can decorate custom soap boxes through various packaging techniques and specifications. It will give them a supreme outlook. OBT Packaging provides you with a custom shape and sizes to choose the best option. Our packaging solution fits your needs and compels the customers to buy your product. We allow you to choose different color schemes, unique and creative designs. And a wide range of materials to win over your customers.

    Cut-out Windows:

    Cut-out window patches designs custom soap boxes. These patches are sometimes covered with PVC films and sometimes without them. PVC windows protect the soaps from contamination and damage. Soap boxes choose cut-out windows for packaging. These designs offer customers a look inside the soap boxes. This packaging provides the advantage to customers to judge the quality of the soap bars by analyzing the look and smell of the soap bars. This judgment makes the brand more reliable in the eyes of customers. Also, this packaging gives an eye-catching presentation.

    Kraft Paper Soap Boxes:

    They come up in Kraft paper packaging. Kraft paper material is eco-friendly, safe, strong, and cost-effective. It is made of a hundred percent natural pulp which is inexpensive. This packaging is easy. Also, being lightweight in their nature lowers the shipping cost. Due to their diverse nature, they can be molded in any shape and size. Soap makers choose this material because it increases the shelf life of their product. In addition, Kraft paper material is highly matched with the printing and customization of Soap Boxes Wholesale. Wholesale Soap Boxes are the best option to control your retail price. A wholesale deal in packaging is a stylish option to save your money on the cost of packaging. In addition, brands that offer wholesale deals give bulk orders at low prices. Along with that, this material produces zero landfills and does not leave any carbon footprint in the atmosphere. That is why soap makers prefer to build their positive branding by fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Moreover, it is eco-friendly. So, Kraft packaging is famous for handmade, beauty, laundry, medicated, and organic soaps. OBT Printing and Packaging provides you many trendy and stylish designs for your unique soap packaging in Kraft material.

    Gift Soap Boxes:

    Gift custom soap boxes are specifically designed to create personalized gift baskets. We can decorate and spice up the packaging of gift soap boxes with twine, ribbons, and yarn. It will give them a polished or sophisticated look. To express love, people give these soap gift baskets in marriage showers, baby showers, spa, and gym gifts to their loved ones. You can decorate your gift soap boxes with elegant styles and designs to make them attractive. Hence, you can also put your soap bars in sleeve-style packaging with embellishments to increase gift soap boxes' overall look and feel.

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